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  • Since : 1960
  • Category : International Schools
  • Strength : 3500
  • LKG - 12
  • Board: CBSE
  • Co-Education

About New Era Public School

New Era school represents a holistic and constructivist approach to education, one that seeks to provide equal educational and developmental opportunities to all.

New Era school represents a holistic and constructivist approach to education, one that seeks to provide equal educational and developmental opportunities to all. We are committed to providing an environment where every child can grow, learn and develop strong character and principles to ensure success in the future


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Posted on July 23, 2023
teachers slap and scold you so much your ears will get deaf . I am studying in this school. I hate it . 6 student Kanishk. if you don't do homework for once you get terribly punished. if you do anything wrong in the bus u will be threatened with dire consequences and you HAVE TO LEAVE THIS SCHOOL!!!!.Believe me I am a student of this school and have seen behaviours of all teachers. very less winter holidays. starts at 28 DEC and end in 7 Jan . I strongly recommend to you to continue in your own school as their is so much homework. I as a student of this school don't recommend this school to anyone else to make their lives a nightmare. please don't join this school . take admission at your own risk. Very bad school. Government schools might be much better. I am in 9 now and now I am exploited by science place. Those who have participated in the module 2 of science place club have got the trophies and the person who have not taken part in module 2# to have not got the trophies. Are we paying money for the trophy or for the excellence in robotics club? In simple terms I want to say that the people who have submitted rupees 3500 have got the trophy and those who have not taken part in module 2# have not been given the trophy. Those who have read this please like. This school needs to suffer. I have given a photo as proof. Finally now passed 12th. Worst school ever!! That Ms. Preeti Manchanda from the Maths Department is the worst teacher ever. Couldn't understand a thing, always made us afraid of asking questions. Main reasons why I got low marks in Maths. The level of injustice and biasness is unparalleled. U might have seen my previous reviews and thought I may be childish. FYI I have been updating this review every year and each year has been worse than the previous (except the 2 years in lockdown). Teachers who come here have low CTC. That is why many young teachers see this school as a stepping stone for experience and after 1 year or 2 they leave for a better paying job. And the old teachers who wish to remain then put their frustration on the poor students. All the good teachers leave the school. Vaping is apparent. The management is not capable or is turning a deliberate blind eye to the suffering of students. They don't focus on the individual development of the child. They prefer favouritism. Your child will not get known about the competitions coming up. If you get to know from somewhere and try to get in then they will laugh at your face and dismiss you. Even push you out of competitions without you knowing what the problem was. And then they lose that competition and you think IF they had let me in I would have at least podium finished. And yes this HAS happened with me. They only go with chosen ones or toppers because toppers can do everything (they think). Most of the time they would be running in corridors than sitting in classes. One topper ik went to a gov school and then topped in the district level 10th board. We the normal students don't even get a chance at proving ourselves in competitions. Some mothers beg the teachers in PTM to let them in competitions or annual day. The level of favouritism is off the charts. I am very glad I graduated. I will now go somewhere where my talents are recognised.

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H-17, Mayapuri Rd, Mayapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110064

New Era Public School Amenities

  • Medical Facility
  • Smart Classrooms

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  • Athletics


  • Badminton


  • Basketball


  • Carroms


  • Chess


  • Checkers


  • Cricket


  • Football


  • Hockey


  • Kabaddi


  • Kho-Kho


  • Lawn Tennis

    Lawn Tennis

  • Skating


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  • Tennis


  • Throwball


  • Volleyball


  • Yoga


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