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  • Since : 2002
  • Category : Public Schools
  • Strength : 30000+
  • Pre School - 12
  • Board: CBSE
  • Co-Education

About Ramagya School

At Ramagya we tend to do the same for the educands.

At Ramagya we tend to do the same for the educands. We create an environment where the student learns with every passing day of life. Every day spent at Ramagya proves to be a day well spent and lessons learnt. Ramagya offers a sprightly and holistic education, where students face a new challenge every day. As challenges are the pathways to better and successful lives. Ramagya augments the confidence in the students and turns it as their core nature.

Though we kingpin the academic and co-curricular, we are wholeheartedly pledged for nurturing each student moral, emotional and physical wellbeing. We grail to prepare our students for buoyantly carrying out their lives wherever and however they go after completing tenure with Ramagya.

Ramagyans are always offered opportunities in abundance to nurture their personal interests and capabilities and to be eloquent and what their opinion of the world. Maverick thinking and inquisitiveness are strongly encouraged. Our aim is to develop budding talent wherever it lies, within an environment that is most suitable for the nurturing of the future holders.

Ramagya feels proud that every year so many boys and girls come on board for living within the premises of their second home, as one calls it. All the diverse cultures come under one roof and form a family.

We hold an excellent pastoral care system which ensures that the staff, students and families remain connected and committed towards one another, ultimately working up for the development of the young generation.

The life at Ramagya is mirthful and health, where students find core satisfaction within a well-secured environment along with a group of educators who seek to nurture the potential of the students.


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Ramagya School Location

Ramagya School Amenities

  • Transport
  • Medical Facility
  • Laboratory
  • Smart Classrooms
  • Computers Facility
  • Library

Ramagya School Admission Procedure

For Pre-primary school

Applicants will be examined by the Primary Head. During this interactive session, the applicant may be asked to mount on a few simple activities.

For Primary School

Applicants for class 1st to 5th will undergo the Interaction session and a written test. Testing is done for Basic English and Mathematics and Hindi.

For Grades 6 to 8

Applicants will undergo the Interaction session and a written test. Assessment will be primarily based on Basic English, Integrated Science, Mathematics, and Hindi.

For Grade 9

Students will also be assessed for Integrated Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology).

For Grade 10

Students are only taken if they are transferring from a similar school and their admission is based on reports from their existing school and interaction and test.

For Grade 11

Admission to For Grade 11 is by interaction and written tests in English, Mathematics and Science. All the students applying for class 11 will also have a meeting with the school principal.

For Grade 12

Admission to Grade 12 only transferring students will be admitted.

Ramagya School Sports

  • Athletics


  • Badminton


  • Boxing


  • Cycling


  • Football


  • Gymnastics


  • Hockey


  • Table-tennis


  • Throwball


  • Volleyball


  • Yoga


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