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  • LKG - 12
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About Manthan Vidyashram School

Manthan Vidyashram is a registered public charitable trust formed to help children learn education in a joyful manner.

Manthan Vidyashram is a registered public charitable trust formed to help children learn education in a joyful manner.


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Sanjana Sukumar

Posted on December 16, 2022
The school's curriculum is great however the teachers and staff should be educated on mental health more than anything else. The teachers and staff should know better than to isolate/bully kids they don't understand or find difficult to deal with. Appointing a school counsellor, like many other schools have usually, will be a good start.
Manikandan Chidambaram

Posted on December 2, 2022
I am proud to say that my Two Kids studying at Manthan Vidhyashram are in Good Hands. Manthan Imparts good Knowledge and Values to the Kids. Each and every Kid is treated as their own Children & Utmost Care is taken to ensure they Excel not only in Academics but also become a Good Citizens of Tomorrow. Teachers are the Pillars of Manthan. Teachers are very Dedicated, Hard Working & Strive to Achieve the Goals Set by Management. Regular Feedback Session happens between the Teacher/Principal & the Parents to discuss the Performance of the Kids both Academics, Behaviorial aspects, Sports etc. We also discuss on the Areas of Improvements. Attention is given to each and every kid. The School also have after School Sports activities like Yoga, Badminton, BasketBall, Cricket for a nominal fee. Lastly on the Fee Structure when compared with Other IGCSE Schools, it is very Nominal & the Management is not money minded which is very hard to find these days.
Anna Joby John

Posted on November 30, 2022
I studied in Manthan for 14 years- from LKG to Year 12. To me, Manthan is like a big family. When it comes to academics, Manthan is affiliated to Edexcel, which offers subjects for the International GCSE syllabus. IGCSE, as the name suggests, is an International syllabus which is widely recognised around the world. In short Manthan offers an international syllabus but retains the Indian culture and way of thought. The school itself is an Edexcel exam centre and all students write their Edexcel board papers on campus. Up to Year 7 the school does not follow a strict board. Instead a combination of books thought to be the best from different Indian boards are selected and used as textbooks. From Year 8 onwards IGCSE books are used to prepare us for the board exams. When it comes to the faculty, all my teachers were good and took classes in such a way that everyone in the class understood-sometimes repeating till everyone understood. From Year 8 onwards we had teachers who are IIT graduates. The teachers treat us very well. Occasionally we are corrected when we are wrong and this helps us behave or study better. Our Principal used to say Manthan is your second home and I feel this was always true as our teachers were always approachable. Homework is assigned but is always a nominal amount. Also, there is a timetable conveying which subjects will have homework on which days so that you don’t have to do all subjects every day. I never went for tuition because I got all the support I needed from my teachers at school. The facilities in the school are good although the science labs could be better. Overall, I loved the unforgettable journey I had with Manthan and I have made memories that will stay with me forever. Thanks to Manthan and my teachers, I got admission in a reputed university for a course of my choice.
Suneel Babu

Posted on November 27, 2022
Manthan is a wonderful place for children to start their journey. The teacher's great efforts to understand the child from day one gave so much confidence to both the child and the parents. Manthan integrates compassion into its teaching standards, emphasizes the importance of values, and builds leaders through each of its classes and lessons. Timely feedback and a special focus on children's development at the individual level is the key here. Effective and clear communication to parents through different modes like e-mail, text, and currently parents’ app about the child's progress. Of course, sharing moments of pride they see within your child – their good behaviors and achievements. They educate parents on the importance of their role and focus on if any special situation demands. Teaching, Support, and admission staff are more approachable and polite all the way. During covid, Manthan maintained great standards when they conducted online classes. They don't compromise at all irrespective of unimaginable troubles and challenges all around during the pandemic. They ensured that the children were focused on the subject and reflected the same in the outcome of the exams. Special qualities at Manthan - Encourage children to express themselves and make decisions independently. Great Manthan family – Great school! a place for Nurturing our children to become tomorrow's leaders.

Posted on November 24, 2022
Best school to go. My child is studying in this school from pre kg. The teacher's there take extra efforts to make the children understand the concepts very well and also they give worksheets to home such that the students would be able to remember the concepts and would not forget it. I highly recommend this school if you are any school searching to put your ward .
Mageswari Thangaiyan

Posted on November 23, 2022
My two kids are studying in Manthan and it is an outstanding school. Teachers are well trained, professional and teaching is excellent. They nurture discipline and gives individual attention to the kids. Their curriculum is extra ordinary and they focus on holistic development of the kids.Teachers assess the kids in all the aspects and provides accurate feedback in the PTA sessions. I would highly recommend this school.
Mr Narayan Kumar

Posted on November 20, 2022

Posted on August 28, 2022
STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCHOOL!!! If you would want to RIP APART your child's self esteem and confidence, then this is the best place to go. The teachers are highly qualified and trained to treat a child as BADLY as possible. A child cannot be shy, silent or slow (Note that my child was in UKG). They will make sure that you are ashamed as a parent when in essence, they LACK the CAPABILITY to teach a child. The feedbacks they give about a child as young as 4 yrs will lack any empathy or humanity - These are the ways they choose to hide their incompetence and they don't hesitate to shame, shout or beat a child. I thought we are out of stone age, and that education has evolved into something that will allow/guide a child to bloom to his/her fullest. But I'm saddened deeply by the ways a school can crush it. Parents, my request to you! please don't ever ever make the mistake I made. Thank you!
Manikandan R

Posted on June 15, 2022
My daughter loves going to school. They take excellent care and cover the syllabus well
Sathish Rajasekar

Posted on January 27, 2022
One of the poor management and the teachers doesnt know how to discuss with parents. They treat us so badly and extremely harsh attitude towards children... There is no great achievement in raising a bright into a brilliant student. Teachers should show interest in developing an average student into bright..they concentrate only in brilliant students..
Poonam Suraj

Posted on November 30, 2021
Manthan VIdyashram is an outstanding school with dedicated teaching staff & management. The academic cirriculum is conceptual & application based which encourages the child to develop analytical thinking rather than rote learning.The teachers are very well qualified and constant repititions & revisions of lessons helps the child prepare comfortably without last minute cramming during exams, a restricted class strength also helps. They are doing an excellent job with online classes during the pandemic. I find the school atmosphere a perfect blend of discipline & loving care. The PTA meetings are insightful & assessment of the child academically & otherwise is quite accurate. Besides academics, emphasis is given on moral science & holistic growth to mold students into well rounded, responsible individuals. The campus is very airy & well spread out with an ample playground. I would absolutely recommend Manthan Vidyashram to all parents.
Pramodini Madhavan

Posted on November 28, 2021
Manthan is an excellent school that inculcates righteous values, teaches respect and builds the overall personality of the children. Manthan provides solid foundation for children and have excellent management and teaching faculty for all classes and subjects including sports, music, arts and comprehensive development. Manthan gives a lot of emphasis to education and discipline which may come across as being very strict to some parents / kids who may not appreciate that method. After Class 8, children are likely to have more worksheets, assignments and frequent assessments which actually helps them for board and competitive exams. Teachers don’t just teach from the textbooks; they offer a lot of practical knowledge. There are a few aspects which kids learn on a daily basis: 1. Communication skills – Children become natural speakers and orators and have the freedom of thought to express and demonstrate their skills which is a great way to build their confidence. 2. Current affairs – there is a plethora of global topics discussed and brainstormed with kids. Topics include nation’s development, United nations, sports, global issues, environment etc. These help kids to view things in a broader perspective. 3. Special call outs include sleep over at school experience and home alone classes (survival tips) 4. Manthan stands out in giving opportunity to all kids in a uniform manner to participate in every school event – Sports Day, Annual Day, Independence Day celebrations, inter house competitions, daily prayer talks and class leader opportunities. Their evaluation method covers comprehension, application and knowledge which gives us a clear picture about the child’s areas of strength and improvements. Teachers take exceptional care to ensure every kid outperforms their own scores each time. It is indeed very rare to see a Principal (Ms. Geetha Narasimhan) who knows the names of all the children and is part of every student's feedback and evaluation discussions which only shows their interest in the student's development. My kid is a Manthan student from Pre-Kg till now (Class 10) and I am very happy with his overall growth and confidence and I give entire credit to Manthan. Under the able management of Shri. T.G. Swaminathan sir, I feel Manthan is certainly preparing children to face life and the future with courage, conviction and confidence.
Ashraf Ali Mohamed

Posted on November 26, 2021
Highly Recommended. Great School, Smart Faculty, Exceptional Management team producing Brilliant students !!! We initially chose Manthan Vidyashram for its proximity to our location, but it turned out to be an ideal school any parent want their child to be in. About the Management - As a team their approach is more like a service to this society than considering it a business. They are dedicated to deliver a complete learning experience. They are an ambitious team and I wish them the very best. I am confident that their thoughtful and wise leadership will take this school a long way ahead in near future. Faculty - Well educated, informed and smart faculty team. For 9th grade and above they do have IIT alumni serving as faculty. They have the capability to prepare a child for most of competitive exams as they approach college education. I am sure they do not compromise on quality of their staff and the courseware for IGCSE board they follow demands it. Education - To put it one line, it is wholesome and complete. They look at preparing your child for this society and not just a competitive exam. 'Home alone' classes are one of many such examples. From my observation, I have seen parents and kids dropping out of this school for their own inability to cope up with their content and rigorous review process with parents. If you think your kid is smart enough to handle the content and discipline expected here, then Go for it. Manthan will take of the rest.. All the very best :-)
Sowmya Varathan

Posted on November 26, 2021
My child has been with Manthan from UKG . She hates it if she has miss school even to go on a vacation . The teachers are amazing and they are committed towards teaching the kids. The school maintains standard and culture that’s way above par . The teachers are calm even when they are dealing with a stubborn kid or when they have to discipline the child . The teachers give valid and accurate feedback with genuine interest towards the child’s future and not limited to just academics . During this pandemic I got witness their teaching methods in online classes . They focus on conceptual understanding and the homework is well structured .
Abhiram Vemulapati

Posted on October 29, 2020
A good school

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Manthan Vidyashram School Location

2/155, Natco Colony N St, Swaminathan Nagar, Kottivakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600041

Manthan Vidyashram School Amenities

  • Laboratory
  • Smart Classrooms
  • Computers Facility
  • Library

Manthan Vidyashram School Admission Procedure

Manthan admits all normal children subject to the following conditions

  • Class-appropriate knowledge (based on Manthan’s evaluation)
  • Date of Birth Schedule for Admissions (minimum condition)

The minimum age for admission (as on 31st March of the year of admission) to Pre-KG is 2 , LKG is 3 , UKG is 4 , and Std I is 5 etc..

Manthan Vidyashram School Required Documents

Documents to be submitted along with application form

  • Properly filled in application form with a recent passport size photograph of the child affixed on it
  • Copy of Birth Certificate of the child
  • Copy of Progress Reports of the current and previous year ( for Classes UKG – Std XI)
  • Children born outside India to produce PIO/Passport copy

Documents to be submitted at the time of payment of fees

  • Copy of Immunization record of the child (for admissions up to Std I)
  • Two more recent passport size photographs of the child
  • Adopted Children to produce copy of all documents pertaining to adoption

Original Transfer Certificate from the previous school (for classes UKG – Std XI) MUST be submitted on or before April 25th of the year of admission.

Manthan Vidyashram School Sports

  • Badminton


  • Basketball


  • Carroms


  • Chess


  • Cricket


  • Football


  • Kabaddi


  • Karate


  • Kho-Kho


  • Table-tennis


  • Throwball


  • Volleyball


  • Yoga


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