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  • Since : 2018
  • Category : Day Schools
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  • Nursery - Class 8
  • Board: CBSE
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Meenakshi Krishna

Posted on April 3, 2023
Our both kids are studying in marg one in 5th and anthe in prekg . Frm d begining i joined in marg it's been 5 years i have seen each and every teacher how they focus on each kid. And principal Geetha mam really she is a wonderful lady the way she coordinates with kids it's really amazing here the teachers are very lovely towards kids and they encourage them to do so many things . They are keeping an eye on evry individual kid if thy find any thing negative immediately parents wl gt a call n we wl b infrmd ABT the kids behaviour . Evn we parents can call the teachers anytime to enquire ABT the kid to tht particular teacher believe me till NW each and every teacher has spoken so softly and they answer to our queries watevr we ask. Now tell me wher will we get to see this environment .. The bonding here in marg vidyalaya between teachers kids and parents is too strong very friendly and i really appreciate it.. my kids enjoy going to school . And let's come to the fee structure those who saying tht fees structure is very high just tell me here in surrounding which school is giving u admission for 35 to 40 thousand per year .. and van fees in other schools thy are collecting yearly basis n tht too include summer holidays but here thy are collecting only 11 months and tht too monthly basis and very less fees compared to other school van . All these things only marg parents will understand who have been here frm so many years and observed evrythng .. there are lot of things to say about marg but if i keep on going it won't stop and the list goes on . Hatts off to all the teachers, principal, staff, transprt people , admins evrybdy all are doing a great job.. and thank you so much for taking care of kids so lovingly and encouraging and motivating them evry step thy take. And Negative People please stop spreading Negative things about marg.
Sadhana Ponnusamy (SP)

Posted on March 31, 2023
If parents enquired fees structure around schools, they must aware Marg collecting less fees. Just ask the students studying in Marg they will tell about Geetha mam. she is more than a teacher to them. My kid explained how cool she is and how she teaches in the classroom sessions. If you ask the parents of Marg kids, you will understand they are not pushing parents pay advance amount for next academic year. Yes , Here they are strictly following admission process. they never consider recommendation/referrals. They purely selecting based on kids performance. (writing this based on my experience). Especially , during exam time they are giving coaching in school itself and make kids ready for exams. So far, during exams they are giving gap between all subjects. If the kids are slow learner, giving best attention by offering additional classes. Similarly , they are offering more extra curricular activities after school time and encouraging students to attend competitions. They won't collect any hidden charges and NOT MUCH ASSIGNMENTS TO PARENTS. :) Overall, SIMPLE.. DICIPLINE.. & NO STRESS FOR KIDS & PARENTS.. This is based on my experience in this school. Hope it helps the parents who seeking for admission!
MARG geetha

Posted on February 11, 2023
Mr Gunashekaran ,Geetha here ,thanks for your review .I stopped by to respond to your review .this is bring it to your knowledge that kids were not interviewed for 2 hrs ,we let them to play and interact with others ,so that they get comfortable in a new atmosphere .no one can interview a primary kid for two hrs .it's hights of imagination .people who like to know the paying capacity of parents will interview the parents but we are try to know about the kid . To the other review ,who is asking for increasing the number of section. We have no plans now or in mere future to increase the no of sections ,it will be 2 section of kindergarten with 30 students per class The person who had said that the admission is based of the parents background .our school application does not even have a column asking for parents income ,then how do we allot seats based on it .even community or caste was not a part of our application till 2020 But as the government made it mandatory to fill in details of students in the online EMiS portal we had to include. We ask for their income at the time of registration in LOC of cbse online registration as it is mandatory feedback and reviews are very important to Audit ourselves , but let it not be out of frustration that the admission was got rejected Also the admission purely based on child's performance and vacancy. My sincere apologies to parents who were made to wait I don't want to respond on fees structure ,thanks to parents who reply on this .thank you
Sumathi Dhinesh

Posted on January 4, 2023
Some reviewers says that money minded school... I don't think 38000 per year is too costly...?. nominal fees with excellent kid is very lucky to be a marg student. They will never give pressure to the kids... staffs are very polite n friendly..thank you Geetha mam
gunasekaran Guna

Posted on December 27, 2022
I was seeking admission for 2023-2024. Getting admission from LKG is ok. but if u want to join in between any standard or from matric to cbse, then this not the right place. Thy simply ask u to fill d application & get d rs.450 charges for tht.. in the name of interview thy do nothing... Even for lkg to ukg, thy took 2 hours for interview. Tht to thy took d kid & asked parents to leave. I don't know how my kid was judged..My kid said thy asked oral & writing. My kid came with a afraid face from interview. As a parent i felt very bad tht i shouldn't had let my kid go alone. After a day while received a call from receptionist & she said my kid was not selected. Thn i asked her for wht reason, she said, i don't know anything principal asked to inform. My kid was topper in her class & we r shifting to near the school, so i was seeking admission there. I don't know wht a lkg student should know for interview, tht too 2hrs is stupid . At the time of applying itself i asked d receptionist will thy give admission frm matric to cbse. Thy repectionist said yes u can apply. But now i felt tht simply tht r making money by selling application. For morning interview there were approximately 100 students. I had a feeling tht i should know y my kid was not selected, thn i told myself MARG alone is not a school for my kid. After tht i went to velammal new gen school which was in next to marg. Thy r so friendly , i liked their approach towards parents. My kids interview was done in front of me , oral & writing was asked. My kid was selected. Actually we went for enquiry, my kid didn't prepare anything, but to my surprise she did well. Fee is slightly high, but thts ok . Principal mam of MARG if u have less number of seats for each class kindly call only the eligible kids for interview. Plz don't call who ever is applied from admission. Plz plz kindly change ur 2hr interview for atleast below 5th std. Really had a bitter experience 😔😔😔


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