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  • Since : 2004
  • Category : Day Schools
  • Strength : 1443
  • Nursery - Class 12
  • Board: CBSE
  • Co-Education

About Basava International School

Basava International School has already made a big impact on the Capital's education scene by combining the values of a traditional society with the aspirations of a globalised generation.
Basava International School has already made a big impact on the Capital's education scene by combining the values of a traditional society with the aspirations of a globalised generation.Set up by the well-known KLE Society of Karnataka, the school recognizes the need for quality education for the children who are growing up to face an increasingly competitive world. KLE Society runs about 290 educational institutions including well known-medical and engineering colleges around the country. This is one of the largest networks of institutions for higher studies and technical education in India. KLE will complete 100 years of its service in 2014

Basava International School Fee Structure

84560 / Annual

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Varun Verma

Posted on July 25, 2023
Basava is disappointingly commercialized, prioritizing profits over education. The focus seems to be on marketing and attracting students rather than providing a conducive learning environment. Resources are inadequate, and the emphasis on learning takes a backseat. Academic growth is overshadowed by a business-oriented approach.
Shashank Parekar

Posted on July 25, 2023
Overrated school and principal. First and foremost, the principal's behavior was nothing short of rude and unprofessional. Instead of fostering a supportive environment for students, they seemed more interested in exercising their authority without regard for the students' well-being. I expected someone in such a leadership position to be approachable and caring, but sadly, that was not the case. The communication between the administration and parents was also a major letdown. There was a significant lack of transparency regarding school policies and decisions, leaving parents feeling left in the dark about their child's education.
Gurpinder Jaiswal

Posted on July 3, 2023
The Swimming pool in Basava School is not safe for kids. My son had 104.4F after attending the swimming classes there. And his pedi told us we are not the only one he got 20 such cases who used Basava Swimming facility Kids suffered with bacterial infections due to them and it took them 2 weeks to be ok. Please don't send kids for swimming in Basava.
varun duggal

Posted on July 1, 2023
Overrated School. More of commercialism rather than educative. They on the gate of the school only passed the message that no seats are available in the class. Not even bothered to call parents inside the school. It shows they dont have ethics and values rather more focused towards earnings. Bad behaviour.
Anant Upadhyay

Posted on January 24, 2023
Iam very glad to tell that I have found the school of my daughter's choice. After pandemic we, as a parent were very worried about her social environment and studies. But once she stepped in the school campus,She had a very good vibes. She liked the campus of the school, skating classes, ground to play, big and well furnished library and above all very loving and caring teaching staff . She liked her class from the day one and still loves to go to school as she enjoys what is taught to her and the company of her good friends. So, the school is the best and the most appropriate place where our children can develop and flourish in the safe hands. Thanks to the management

Basava International School Location

Site-1, Sector 23, Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi, 110075, India

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