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  • Since : 2011
  • Category : Day Schools
  • Strength : 1000
  • Nursery - Class 12
  • Board: CBSE, International Baccalaureate, IGCSE
  • Co-Education

About Shiv Nadar School

In 2012, the Shiv Nadar Foundation made its foray into K12 urban private school education with a singular purpose to breach and surpass the existing benchmarks in education, and bring the finest learning experiences to students.
In 2012, the Shiv Nadar Foundation made its foray into K12 urban private school education with a singular purpose to breach and surpass the existing benchmarks in education, and bring the finest learning experiences to students.Swimming against the tide of conventional rote/textbook practices, we began with a handful of students and teachers in two schools (Noida and Gurgaon), and a carefully designed intent to be a space where holistic development was the norm, where lifelong learning was the ultimate goal, and where, through progressive, personalized learning methods, the student was the centre of all endeavours.Learning at our schools is never linear; instead, students are immersed in the multidimensional and the experiential. They play, they perform, they experiment, they interact. They are encouraged towards value-led pursuits so that they comprehend their role in the larger context of community and the world. We integrate an experiential pedagogy and extensive use of technology into our educational practices. We place considerable curricular emphasis on sports and the arts. Our faculty is challenged and empowered to engage students in processes that help them develop self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, and the self-motivation necessary to be successful human beings.Our thinking struck a chord with parents, and we found we had created a tribe of believers. Moving from strength to strength, we are now 3 schools (the Shiv Nadar School, Faridabad began in 2015) a 4000+ student,500+ staff and 8000+ parent strong community.tudents at the Shiv Nadar School are well-rounded individuals, enjoying academics, sports and the arts, and with high levels of emotional intelligence. Strong communication skills, social warmth, grit, compassion and adaptability are their hallmarks. They are curious and reflective learners, on a journey of self-discovery, but aware of local and global environments. They are confident and comfortable in their own skins. And most of all, they have an attitude of excellence. Such children are the leaders and change-makers of the future. And we, at the Shiv Nadar School, are proud to be their springboard to life.

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335500 / Annual

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Posted on August 17, 2023
Many points before i really moved my kid out - 1. They dont teach but take exams. (ASL, Steam and hundreds of pointless crafts but they teach nothing, guide in nothing, help in nothing just take test and score ...god knows on what basis). More effort in MUN and OLE than actual study. 2. Teachers dont coordinate with each others. One asks for a session the other stops. in the end kids suffer no grade level or even section level coordination. 3. Shady scoring method that even god will not understand so you never know how your kid is progressing some weighted average and not score on term exams. 4. many many many art sports teachers. but zero in sports zero arts zero crafts or any other extra curricular. Every extra session sometime come with extra cost. 5. If you survived the above then last goes the deadly blow. Miserable results in board or any entrance (read NEET JEE etc) or olympiad. They are just not anywhere in any list of any importance. If you want your kid to learn and make a career as well, you know what to do.
Mansi M Chandok

Posted on June 17, 2023
Best school where children expand their mindset and get out of their comfort zone!!
Musheer Uzzaman

Posted on September 13, 2022
State of the art infra and facilities. Everything has designed in a very planned and systematic way.
ravi upadhyay

Posted on July 26, 2022
The registration process is flawed and malicious. One has to pay the registration amount first and then the details have to be filled. I paid the amount and then while filling the transport section, I got to know that the school does not provide transport facility to the place I reside. This is a non-starter for me as I would require this facility. Therefore, I have to abandon filling the form and lost the registration amount. This process adopted by the school seems to be intended towards collecting as much money as they can. If the registration has to be successful upon payment of the fees, then the request for the payment could be at the end itself so that the prospective parents could make an informed decision (like in my case, I will not opt for this school as transport facility is not available). I request refund of the registration fees from the school authorities. This is sheer example of fooling the parents and get their hard earned money
Namita Rajesh

Posted on January 3, 2022
The school really does not prioritize, or even give much thought to, the physical and mental well being of its staff, particularly staff in the sports department. Sports teachers are routinely called to work on national holidays, weekends and barely given any time off. The school must treat its sports staff with dignity and respect.

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Pahari Road, Block E, DLF Phase 1, Sector 26A, Gurugram, Haryana 122011, India

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