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  • Since : 1953
  • Category : Other Collections
  • Strength : N/A
  • Pre School - 12
  • Board: International Baccalaureate
  • Co-Education

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Chandan Sharma

Posted on June 12, 2023
Very good school with talented teacher Archana Singh ma'am (teacher incharge) is very qualified, loving and caring teacher
ahmad sultan Khan

Posted on June 5, 2023
Service , rooms, tasr rates everything A1
Sheeba Iqbal

Posted on May 20, 2023
One of the worst school. Poor management, poor teaching. They dont even have manners to talk to parents.Teachers are simply pathetic except one or two. Not recommended at all.
Sangeeta Barua

Posted on May 17, 2023
Bhavna Kapoor

Posted on May 16, 2023
Teacher quality is poor only concern for money not at all bothered for Child numbers just need high amount of money and don't wanted to write the teacher name
Arshad Khan

Posted on May 14, 2023
Enterence exam was held in the school on Sunday.

Posted on May 12, 2023
Best school for small child .teacher and staff are very cooperative

Posted on April 13, 2023
Amazing facilities in school and very hard working teacher's as well as staff. especially Sonali Ma'am . Thank You
Priyanka Babbar

Posted on April 10, 2023
Worst school and worst teachers
Manjeet Kaur

Posted on April 4, 2023
This school is good but just if you have taken new admission to this school as compared to another school first you have to be in long que for the books and uniform which is in open area & you have to stand approx 2-3 Hours in the hot weather under the sun just to take books & uniform. I was really surprised that this happen in the private schools as my child was in other school get the books in the class only for which we have to submit the charges in the fees. Hopefully rest all goes smooth with this school as today I had stand in hot sun with my 6 Yrs old daughter. Hope for the best🤞🤞 School management need to take care of this as this is putting school into bad numbers as this was the first visit to this school. Hope management understand and take step to improve the same.
Farukh shaikh

Posted on March 15, 2023
This school is very good for the children.
Anju Pandey

Posted on January 31, 2023
Very good👍
brutal smokes

Posted on January 26, 2023
Manoj Varma

Posted on January 5, 2023
Great school, my son is also doing great in study because of this school.
Mithlesh Gupta

Posted on January 5, 2023
When you believe that your child deserves the absolute best this is perfect for you child.
Das Mohit

Posted on December 12, 2022
Very clean atmosphere, well mannered students and staff
Random Musings

Posted on December 10, 2022
Very sad state of affairs. Disliked by students, teachers, parents and nearby community. Common to see students fighting on the road (security is always absent), or bunking in one of the KC market pubs. Management needs a complete overhaul.
Ankit Ghanghas

Posted on September 3, 2022
Undecent gaurds and not helpful nature anyone.
Arwaz Khan

Posted on August 29, 2022
The look of the school is amazing. It is my ignou exam centre . It's a great place neat and clean. Also cleaned washrooms.There teacher are very strict but i liked the this school. 🙂 This school between the societies areas. I hope you also like the place. 😇😇😇
Harish Bhatt

Posted on August 29, 2022
Unavailability of teachers even upto one to two months in a session. U will never get any response from school authorities on any issue but you will get the school fee slip on time and even if you will not pay the fee, you will get the call from the school but if you want to have appointment of the principal, you will never get it even following the procedure.
Kartic Chhabra

Posted on August 5, 2022
Good building
Preeti Kumari

Posted on July 31, 2022
Reviewing for competitive exams-- good school near kailash colony metro... exit from gate no.2.... on walking distance they will store your bags outside the room. staff is nice infrastructure is not good...there desks are not good for long sitting hours.
prasanta ghosh

Posted on July 25, 2022
All together it’s good…
Monika Aggarwal

Posted on July 19, 2022
I think it's worst school in Delhi. I will request parents not to get admission of your child in this school because you will regret afterwards. According to DOE, there are should be 30:1 ratio in school but in this school there are 48-50 students in one class. Teacher is not able to handle the class. Behaviour of teacher is pathetic. They are so rude and use very harsh words. My child is only 5 years old and she is scared of going to school because of her class teacher. Teacher are said to be second mother of a child but here teacher are just making money and least bother about kids. My ward was scolded by her teacher and she made her stand out of the class and that to be on the first day of her school because she is class I and went to school for the first time because of lockdown. My child was crying so badly and there was no one to help her This incidence was told to me by one of the parent. Small kids are eating lunch or not they don't bother. Even gaurds of the school have so much of attitude. What will a child learn if she is so scared of going to school..... During PTMs they don't give chance to parents to speak and say whatever they want. Parents know their child better than such teachers. We cannot even speak to principal but they are very busy and they don't listen to parents. They just want money. Teachers have so much of attitude because there is no one to keep an eye on their work and behaviour. My mails were sent but there is no response by the school.They are not answering to reviews also as I can see. For new book set and uniform you have to stand in queue for 3-4 hours and that to be in sunny day without any shed. This school was very good in earlier days but now it's the worst school in South Delhi. I am also a teacher in South Delhi school but I have never seen such teachers. We are in school to take care of kids and have complete responsibility of kids during school hours but this school is so.
Priya Pal

Posted on July 6, 2022
It's pathetic, teachers of nursery class dont pay attention tion to kids. They only give attention to 4-5 kids and keep putting their videos and pics on group. What about the rest of the class. My kid is very active but in school teacher make her sit in the last always. This wil survey lower her esteem. However school is much into making money

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