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  • Since : 2012
  • Category : International Schools
  • Strength : 1000
  • LKG - 12
  • Board: International Baccalaureate
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About Oakridge International School

Oakridge International Schools are part of the world’s leading premium schools organization, Nord Anglia Education.

Oakridge International Schools are part of the world’s leading premium schools organization, Nord Anglia Education.Oakridge International School, with just a decade of presence, has garnered a strong repertoire to become one of the best international schools in the country. The prestigious international school was started with a mission to build a community of leaders, over a foundation of shared beliefs, values and ethos. Oakridge is dedicated to nurturing responsive and motivated students through a dynamic and success-oriented education program. The program empowers students to gain an indigenous as a well global perspective on various aspects. Within the broad-based curriculum options offered, ample opportunities are provided to develop and assess the critical creative thinking skills, the flexibility of approach, ability to work with and serve others, and the grit and fortitude in the face of challenges. A kaleidoscope of extra-curricular activities, support the education programme of the institution to create the ultimate Oakridge product- strong confident individuals and active life-long learners. Oakridge fuels the desire to inculcate a lifelong habit of learning in students, imperative for holistic development. To fuel the seed of learning, the school constantly motivates the students to believe in the motto "Learning the treasure within." With its world-class campuses in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Visakhapatnam, and Chandigarh - Oakridge is regarded as one of India's top International schools with its high standards of teaching methodology, technology collaboration, and global culture.


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Saumya H

Posted on February 12, 2024
What a heartwarming experience to see the children, teachers and coaches come together and celebrate the love of sports. The level of participation was commendable, with 100% students enthusiastically joining in. Exemplary sportsmanship, respect for their teammate, encouraging high-fives were some of the highlights that the students displayed throughout the event. A bog thankyou to the organizers for making this day a resounding success.
ZAR NI WIN mefgi

Posted on February 9, 2024
I cannot understand the communication in the school system. I had a chat with the chatbot on the website and I already filled out the form for admission last week. I kept waiting but I got no response from the school. Today I again called on number they mentioned on the website but no one picked up the call so I called the school's contact number, a guy picked it up and told me to call another number. I explained to him that I already filled the form out and got no response, and he said sorry. Then I asked him what if the given contact wouldn't pick up the call ..! He said he would inform that lady called D______ to pick the call up But when I hit the call she didn't pick up. I still wait for some minutes to get a callback. That irresponsible behavior from school made me write the BAD REVIEW This is my first-ever review on school website. I just hope to get a callback from school
shruti panda

Posted on January 3, 2024
We shifted back from USA and my son really adjusted very well and had a smooth transition. Ranjana maam helped him transition even though he joined late for the term. Long pending review for the school.
Nandita Reddy

Posted on December 8, 2023
It was amazing to see children in various performances. I loved this activity showcase overall. Thank you teachers n all the people behind this show who made it successful
Sheikh Waseem

Posted on December 1, 2023
Oakridge International School has proven itself as a leading institution in the educational landscape, offering a holistic and global approach to learning. Over the years, the school has garnered a reputation for academic excellence, innovative teaching methodologies, and a strong focus on overall student development. Academically, Oakridge International School follows an internationally recognized curriculum, fostering a global perspective among students. The faculty, comprised of experienced educators, utilizes cutting-edge teaching methods to create an engaging and dynamic learning environment. The emphasis is not only on academic success but also on developing critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a passion for lifelong learning. One of the school's standout features is its commitment to a well-rounded education. Oakridge places a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities, encompassing sports, arts, music, and community service. This comprehensive approach aims to nurture students' talents, creativity, and interpersonal skills, preparing them for success in various facets of life. The school's infrastructure is state-of-the-art, providing students with access to modern facilities. Well-equipped classrooms, advanced science and computer labs, sports arenas, and performing arts spaces contribute to a rich and dynamic educational experience. Oakridge leverages technology effectively, integrating it into the learning process to equip students with the skills needed in the digital age. Character development is a core focus at Oakridge International School. The school aims to instill values, ethics, and leadership qualities in its students. Through various programs and initiatives, students are encouraged to develop a sense of social responsibility, resilience, and integrity. Community engagement is actively promoted at Oakridge. Regular interactions between teachers and parents, community service projects, and collaborative events create a sense of unity and shared responsibility. This community-oriented approach enhances the overall educational experience, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment. In conclusion, Oakridge International School has rightfully earned its reputation as a premier educational institution. With its commitment to academic excellence, well-rounded development, and community engagement, the school provides a comprehensive and enriching educational journey for students, making it an excellent choice for parents seeking a global and holistic approach to education.
suruchii anand

Posted on November 30, 2023
I have already withdrawn my kid with a proper email communication and have already cleared all the dues till 1st term, still they keep asking to clear the 2nd term fees ,why would I pay for the term that she didn't even attend, when asked for clarifications,they don't come back with a response and keep sending the payment reminder. Would suggest transparency in this aspect. Edit- Just for 1 month , how can they ask to pay for the full term ? Please share pro rata fees amount and as an esteemed school,kindly respond to the emails when parents ask for some info.
Store 1217

Posted on November 23, 2023
I am a student of this school, and have been since 2017. Everyone, and I mean everyone agrees that this school was better off before N.A.E. The quality in teachers has drastically gone down. There is no stability in teachers, frequently being replaced, and to top that off, they’re hiring CBSE teachers for an IB curriculum school, and most teachers are teaching the wrong subject. In simple terms, the teachers DO NOT teach (at least, do not teach very well, and lack any respect for students and our wellbeing). This school is entirely a namesake school. The community of Oakridge might be an amazing one, but Oakridge is a school. And in a school, students are supposed to be taught. Another complaint regards the buses. Bangalore has enough rash drivers as it is, we need not add to the problem. Exams at oakridge are especially a problem. They put multiple exams (4-5) in 1 day, and expect students to adjust. When the complaints from parents were sent, the school turned a blind eye and simply ignored them, even when said exams had portions that had not been taught whatsoever to the students (out of portion questions in exams). There are many more complaints, but, I won’t digress as I believe these are the most pressing issues. All of us, as a school, as a student community, begs Oakridge to PAY ATTENTION to these issues and resolve them.
Mansi S

Posted on November 17, 2023
I'm thrilled to give a shoutout to Oakridge International School and Anuja Ma’am (teacher) for their dedication and incredible support! Their commitment to crafting an inclusive and learning environment has profoundly impacted my kid's early years educational journey. Also during mid year transition, Ranjana Ma’am (teacher) helped a lot to settle and made him feel so comfortable. Thank you for all your contributions
Your efforts truly make a difference! 🙌
tk n

Posted on October 19, 2023
The Oakridge school is a fraud, there is an ongoing case against this school with Ministry of Education. Check thoroughly before admission, the school's affiliation might be taken away.
Anusha Vishwanathan

Posted on October 16, 2023
Our family just moved from abroad earlier this year. My daughter, 4 years old, transitioned from a pre-school to OISB (EYP 1) in August. It has been a wonderful experience for us so far. First off, her teachers are GREAT. They have given individual attention and made sure the kids are very comfortable with them. My daughter once asked why can't Sandhya ma'am and Ruth ma'am (her Home Room Teachers in EYP 1) also come teach her skating in our apartment instead of learning from a new teacher. This says it all on the level of comfort :). All the teachers I have come across so far seem to have very good knowledge about how to handle each child uniquely depending on their personality. I have personally observed them give more opportunity to the shy ones to speak up, give more attention to a kid that did not pick up drawing quickly etc. all while NOT being so explicit. Curriculum: They follow IB. music, dance, drama, yoga, swimming, so many more "extras" are all in the curriculum which I LOVE. And all these subjects revolve around one single topic which is another good way for the kids to gain deep understanding. For instance, if they are learning about signs, they make patterns using signs in math, learn musical signs, act like they're on the road in drama etc. Will kids be forced? No. But will they still learn? Yes. There's no "you do it because I said so" that I experienced as a child. When a child comes up with a genuine suggestion like, "ma'am can I use rainbow colors instead of one?" they are explained about why that object should be a certain color but then encouraged to go ahead with their creativity to make an imaginary thing rather than "disciplined" to use only one color. Other than these they have parent involvement where parents spend time with all the kids in the classroom - read stories, work on crafts. This helped get a sense of what my kid's typical classroom session feels like. There are also sessions with teachers/leadership often to help build relationships to work as a team in raising the kids. Finally, would I put my younger son in Oakridge when he's old enough? YES :).
Tarun Nayak

Posted on October 14, 2023
[2023 Updated] TLDR - Avoid this school. Non responsive, bluffed promises, high fees, no school policy, don't take care of kids well, poor infra with no spends on maintenance. Longer version - Horrible experience with this school. First let me give pros and cons and then share my story. Pros - - Large campus with a number of amenities - IB curriculum that enables seamless movement across countries - Apps given to parents to track everything Cons - - Its all gas what you read in brochure, most of it is written to attract parents - There are no fixed admission policies, so don't go by their age guidance, ask for which class you want your kid to be in for border cases - Non responsive staff. Teachers, admin, principal nobody feels its important to reply to parents on email - Far off in Sarjapur road, kids get burned out while traveling - Infra is not maintained. On 1st day the so called AC bus broke down with kids waiting for 45 mins in Varthur road in heat. My story - They said kids only 3+ years will be admitted to Nursery. When school started we saw most kids are <3 yrs old so we requested that since our kid is 3y10m old be shifted to EP1, which they denied. We said we don't want to continue and asked for a refund which they agreed and said pro-rata refund we will process so we stopped school from next day. They still deducted 35k extra amount citing school policy. None of this communication came on email, I had to drive 1 hr and go to school for every meeting. Asked principal for a call/meeting for >10 times to which no response. Finally decided to go the legal route.
Pritam Dasgupta

Posted on October 5, 2023
I have started sending my son to Oakridge who is currently in PYP. I must say, I am very impressed with their curriculum and their method of teaching. Oakridge uses a perfect holistic approach towards development of each child and pay individual attention to every child as much as possible
Reny Paul Wilfred S

Posted on October 2, 2023
Oakridge School has been an excellent choice for my son's education. The clear communication flow from the school to parents is truly commendable, keeping us well-informed about all important updates and events. What sets Oakridge apart is the remarkable one-to-one attention that they provide to each child. It's reassuring to know that my son is receiving personalized support and guidance, ensuring his academic and personal growth. I'm also impressed by the school's innovative approach to teaching. They have created a dynamic learning environment that engages students and encourages their curiosity. It's evident that Oakridge is committed to staying at the forefront of education and nurturing young minds to become creative and critical thinkers. Overall, Oakridge School has exceeded my expectations, and I'm grateful for the positive impact it has had on my son's education and development. Reny Wilfred Parent(PYP 1 - B)
bugga sy

Posted on September 29, 2023
My kid enjoys going to Oakridge International school as a parent,we are happy regarding every aspect the school is providing.
Bavithra Balasubramaniam

Posted on September 25, 2023
Very good atmosphere, friendly and very caring teachers and providing very attentive care to every student. The way of teaching and exposure is lively. My kid really loves to go to school . Talented teachers and instead of teaching they practise discipline, life skills and much more needed to the current world.
nischita m

Posted on September 25, 2023
My son is studying in pre nursery B section in this school and he loves going to school as he chants the school's name and reminds us that he has school in the middle of the night. There cant be anything better than this. If a child by themselves interests in school then it is understood that they are having the best time.
Supriya Panja

Posted on September 25, 2023
Feb 9, 2024: I had an opportunity to witness sports day for primary section. My son goes to EYP 2’C’. I was mesmerised with the entire arrangements - so well coordinated, composed and prepared. The kids were equally prepared for the day as much as the teachers and staffs were. The running commentary, songs and music was a plus. I was so pleasantly surprised to see little kids perform to the beats and play with enthusiasm. The best thing I like about the school is how they ingrain the sense of sportsman spirit in children and make them responsible for completing a task instead of giving up. In fact my son lost the game. He could complete half of the task while others hit the finishing line. But the cheers from his teachers continued and he completed the task with a smile. He was a little upset though but his class teachers Ms. Savitha and Ms. Rachna motivated him till he was perfectly okay. Thank you to teachers and staffs for working so hard behind the scene for many weeks. Really commendable 🙌 Had an insightful conversation with my son’s class teachers during Parent Teachers meet dated 23 September, Ms. Savitha and Ms. Rachna. I was extremely pleased and impressed with their observation about my son’s behaviour and social skills. They encouraged two-way dialogue and shared several tips to control certain situations. Though the time went beyond the allotted scheduled, they didn’t rush. I am very happy to have my son being taught, mentored and coached by competent teachers! Thank you! I happened to attend SLC ( Student Led Council) on December 8th. The objective was to have students demonstrate their learning and skills to their parents. I was surprised and impressed to see the enthusiasm in my 5.5 years old son and his class teachers, Ms. Savitha and Ms. Rachna. My son took me to all the different stations to showcase how he performs his tasks under diverse range on topics- maths to English to various projects and usage of tabs. It was well arranged and evident that teachers have put lot of hard work and effort into this entire program. This is not a preparation of 1 day but continuous learning and effort. Glad that we chose Oakridge!

Posted on September 25, 2023
My son, just shy of being 5 year old, goes to Oakridge. He is a highly imaginative child who lives in a world of his own. Transition to a full time school wasn’t easy for him. But the staff at Oakridge have understood his needs, and they help him be his own guy. Curriculum is also designed in a way that while kids understand concepts they are supposed to learn at this age, they also prepare for life by understanding their surroundings better. PS: Ms Maria and Ms Mamatha, thank you!
Akshaya madhu

Posted on September 22, 2023
Hello this is Akshaya I am a parent of Madhan Mohan CS from Grade 3. I had a great experience with each everyone n more over I got to know more abt the pets. I Thank miss Sri Vatsala For giving me this wonderful opportunity. ☺️
Reyansh / Ivaan Dasgupta

Posted on September 22, 2023
It was a great experience to be part of pet panel discussion in the school. Happy that school is providing such opportunity to the students where they observe and understand the concepts by interacting with real people and animals.
Rakesh P

Posted on August 28, 2023
This is my kid's second year at Oakridge International School, I've been privileged to witness an institution that epitomizes international education by creating a dynamic learning environment that extends well beyond traditional academics. What truly sets the school apart is its outstanding educators. They aren't just teachers; they are mentors who guide students through their academic and personal endeavors. The small class sizes ensure personalized attention, catering to individual strengths and challenges.
Pavan Reddy

Posted on August 28, 2023
Oakridge international school is the best amongst the top IB schools in Bengaluru for various reasons.. Firstly the teachers/staff, and then the infrastructure.. They give equal importance to arts, sports, and other extracurricular activities along with regular curriculum.. Play based learning is the most effective way to teach children and Oakridge excelled at doing so.. I’m happy with my daughter’s progress.. Thanks to the teachers Ms. Shraddha Upadhyay, Ms. Roopa, Ms. Savitha Sri, Ms. Rohini, Ms. Nikitha and Ms. Mamatha..
Sushmita Mehta

Posted on August 27, 2023
Our child has recently joined Oakridge and we attended the first program at the school for orientation and familiarity with the IB program and the curriculum for the year. Must appreciate the great preparation and readiness of the teacher, Ms Anuja Som in delivering the matter through fun activities and engaging interactions. We felt as much part of the school as our child and look forward to the journey ahead. The session was insightful and we thank the teachers and the school for organising the event. As they say, “the morning shows the day”, we are excited to embark on this journey and look forward to what lies ahead.
Krishna Prasad Javvadi

Posted on August 26, 2023
Updated review 8-Jan-2024: Do not consider Oakridge if you plan to enroll your child and use transport facility. Poor service, bus break down every week. No accountability even from highest level of management despite repeated escalations from 4 months. Better look for other options if you care for your child safety and have less stress on dealing with transport facility. ——————————————————————— It was an amazing experience for us to be in the shoes of the children to understand how the curriculum is designed as well as delivered. It gives us confidence that our kids are in safe hands for their growth. Thank you so much for giving us this enlightening opportunity.
dipti sridhar

Posted on August 26, 2023
Having Ms. Anuja as the home room teacher has been an absolute bliss for us! My son always speaks highly of her and wants to go back to school everyday. The PPC was very well conducted and informed us of the IB style of teaching in the a primary Years program. The parents and kids participate in fun, engaging, thought provoking activities at the PPC. Overall, it was a very positive atmosphere and experience!

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