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About Jubilee Hills Public School

JUBILEE HILLS PUBLIC SCHOOL is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi (Affiliation No.... 3630020) since 1991. Established in 1986, the Jubilee Hills Public School, sponsored by “Jubilee Hills Education Society” has achieved significant results in providing high quality education at the Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary. With a humble beginning in 1986, with unrelenting efforts, unified minds, selfless dedication and philanthropic outlook of the management and progressive individuals the Jubilee Hills Public School was created. The School is a non-profit organization disseminating education to every strata of the Society. Jubilee Hills Public School is located in a sprawling area of 6 acres. Jubilee Hills Public School is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified School. Today the school caters to about 3000 students and is assisted by a highly qualified 160 Teaching personnel. As far as the academic excellence is concerned, the school has an illustrious record of 100% results at the Board Exams since 1991, out of which 90% is inevitably distinctions and first classes. . . Read more...

Jubilee Hills Public School Information

  • Since : 1986
  • Category : Public Schools
  • Strength : 2300
  • 1 - 12
  • Board: CBSE
  • Co-education

Jubilee Hills Public School Amenities

  • Transport
  • Medical Facility
  • Laboratory
  • Smart Classrooms
  • Computers Facility
  • Library

Jubilee Hills Public School Location

Block III, Rd Number 71, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

Jubilee Hills Public School Admission Procedure

Application forms will be issued by the school office for classes where seats are available, on payment of the prescribed fee.

Timings: 10-00 a.m. and 3-00 p.m. on the dates notified.

LKG : December / January

Classes I – IX & XI : Subject to vacancies. Enquiries will be entertained around January.

Completed application forms should be submitted with all the enclosures and prescribed registration fee on or before the date specified by the School. The Registration fee once paid will not be refunded or adjusted for any other purpose. Mere Registration is no guarantee for admissions.

Jubilee Hills Public School Required Documents

  • Completed Application Form.
  • Passport size photos of the student and both the Parents should be pasted in the form.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate from Panchayat/ Municipal Corporation. (Bring original certificate for verification and it will be returned).
  • If sibling case (own brothers and sisters), Xerox copy of sibling’s school ID card has to be enclosed.
  • Guardian certificate (if applicable).
  • Certificate of caste / Physically Challenged (SC/BC/ST/PC) (if applicable).
  • Copy of residence proof of present address (like Telephone bill, Electricity Bill, Passport).
  • Copy of Aadhar Card (Child, Father, Mother). Blood group report of the child

Jubilee Hills Public School Sports

  • Archery


  • Badminton


  • Basketball


  • Carroms


  • Chess


  • Cricket


  • Football


  • Gymnastics


  • Hockey


  • Ice-Hockey


  • Kabaddi


  • Karate


  • Kho-Kho


  • Skating


  • Table-tennis


  • Tennis


  • Throwball


  • Yoga


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Top reviews
Shehla Nuzhath
Reviewed on 2022/08/24
Zumba practice was held in Jubilee Hills Public School and all the teachers enjoyed the session a lot. We got not only aerobic benefits, but felt energetic throughout the day. Thanks to JHPS!
Paras Hanchatey
Reviewed on 2022/08/26
My name is Paras. I had taken the medical health checkup recently in our school. The doctors were friendly and were easy to interact with. The health checkup was very organized and I believe it was indeed necessary for the students. It is good to see the school take such initiatives.
Reviewed on 2022/08/26
My name is Achintya. I partook in the health checkup that was conducted in our school recently. I was delighted to see our school take initiative to make sure that the students are in good health. Due to the Covid crisis many students have not attended their regular dental and eye checkup, so this has really helped me and it’s probably the same for the other students as well. The doctors were also really nice and friendly. The premise was also well sanitised. Overall it was an amazingly planned health checkup.
Ashwin Mishra
Reviewed on 2022/08/27
“A healthy body leads to a healthy mind”. The last two years taught us how important is both our mind and body. To keep it healthy what can be a better option rather than Yoga! The practice of Yoga is something that has the power to heal your entire body. Keeping this in mind Jubilee Hills Public School organized a Yoga session in the school premises where students of Classes 6 to 12 participated in the event. The students did all the asanas flawlessly and also described the benefits of practicing these asanas. I wish everyone to inculcate the practice in their daily life to lead a healthy life.
Vidhu Mohan
Reviewed on 2022/08/28
Jubilee Hills Public School focuses on the development of their teachers through continuous training programs. This provides deep insights of the education field and prepare the teachers for the challenging and continual evolving teaching methodology. I can say it with pride , that Jubilee Hills Public School is one of the most advanced Tech savvy school of Hyderabad and hence deserved the Eldrok India K-12 award!
Ali Asad
Reviewed on 2022/08/28
The Investiture Ceremony was an eagerly awaited event by the entire school. There was a shift in the atmosphere after the student council were officially appointed. The Pre Primary Headgirl, Aaradhya delivered an impactful speech which impressed everyone giving her a standing ovation. It was a proud moment for all the parents to witness their child being invested with great responsibility. I am overjoyed to be a part of the student council as the Senior Secondary Headboy of Jubilee Hills Public School.
Akshita Anil
Reviewed on 2022/08/29
Investiture Ceremony- The Investiture Ceremony of our school JHPS was held with great enthusiasm and cooperation. It was a new and majestic experience for all of us. The ceremony started beautifully with the band playing, the NCC students welcoming the chief guest, and the other delegates. It was amazing to connect with the teachers and students after almost two years of staying at home during covid. The great words about leadership from our President Sri K. Krishna Dev Rao, truly motivated me and my fellow student council members. His words helped me improve the perspective I had as a leader and reminded me of how important it is to be a good human being. The great pieces of advice and real-life experience stories from our chairman sir, Sri Murali Mukund, and Principal Mam M. Varalakshmi were also enlightening to hear. We have heard many parents coming forward and sharing their experiences which were engaging since each one of them had something different to tell. It was a moment filled with overwhelming emotions as the parents spoke about their child’s hardships and how well the school had fulfilled the student’s needs and cooperated with them. I was shocked when my dad came over and started talking and that memory is something close to my heart as I’m sure it is for all the other students and parents. The entire ceremony was absolutely mesmerizing, a day filled with wonderful memories with my family, teachers, and my dear friends. I am proud to be the Secondary Head Girl of our school and will always be thankful for the opportunity given. Thank you JHPS!
Rudraraju seshadri
Reviewed on 2022/08/29
The Cyclathon was conducted by Apollo Hospital, Jubilee Hills to spread awareness about timely detection and treatment of Cancer. I have cycled 5Km along with my fellow NCC Cadets with great enthusiasm. Thank you for giving this opportunity. I have enjoyed the accompany of my teachers and my fellow NCC cadets. We the NCC cadets of JHPS Rocks!!
Sreeja Nandipati
Reviewed on 2022/09/02
Jubilee Hills Public School launched Integrated Commerce Programme which gave awareness about the career aspects, self awareness about the strengths and areas of improvement for the overall personality development. This programme would surely prove to be a game changer not only to me but also to all my classmates who are trying to make a mark in the science dominated society.
Reviewed on 2022/09/04
I love this school alot.I've been studying here since 2nd grade.My teachers till date have been supportive towards me and my friends.It's a great school with a nice playground.I've learnt many values from this school which have and will help me become a good person in the future.I'll miss JHPS.
Reviewed on 2022/09/05
Career Counselling Session was conducted in Jubilee Hills Public School, Hyderabad by Dr. D. B. Raju, accredited CEO coach. He enlightened the students with his journey in the corporate sector. Also gave insights into the vast career options available for commerce students in the corporate sector. It was an eye opening session for all the students as well as clarified my doubts to take the next step in my career.
Manish Dugar
Reviewed on 2022/09/06
I would like to thank Jubilee Hills Public School, Hyderabad for encouraging me to participate in FIT INDIA quiz, which was conducted by government of India. It was a memorable experience to be a part of the FIT India Quiz. From the beginning to the end of this quiz, I enjoyed and gained a lot of sporting knowledge. I thank the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports to give such a platform to showcase the talent of young students like me. I hope government of India continues to encourage the young people with such activities to nurture the young minds. I hope the second edition of this quiz will be a bigger and better one.
Mansi Shah
Reviewed on 2022/09/06
Jubilee Hills Public School, Hyderabad organised a Career talk for Commerce students. Dr. D. B. Raju, accredited CEO coach, main speaker for the programme. It was a delightful experience and an eye opener for me and many of my peers. He enlightened us about various opportunities available for Commerce students in corporate sector and also ensured the availability of career opportunities for commerce students.
Nitya Mantena
Reviewed on 2022/09/08
Jubilee Hills Public School conducted Career Counseling session for Classes XI and XII to understand the career opportunities in the corporate sector for commerce students. Dr. D. B. Raju accredited CEO Coach was the speaker for the session. He delivered an insightful and impactful speech and discussed his own experiences as an engineering graduate and turning points and growth of his career in a non-science field. He also discussed about the plethora of opportunities for commerce students in accounts, finance, HRM, sales and marketing, corporate law and corporate communication.
Aaron Gerald
Reviewed on 2022/09/08
Jubilee Hills Public School witnessed the launch of the Integrated Commerce Programme for the students of class 11 and 12 to equip them with skills and to mould them into future leaders in the various fields of commerce. The session was informative and enlightened the students by giving information, tips, advices regarding the various career options available for the students as they were also inspired by the presence and the words of Shri Shailendra Kumar Joshi IAS, Former Chief Secretary Government of Telangana.
Prashanthi Chandrika
Reviewed on 2022/09/16
Jubilee Hills Public School, Hyderabad - I really appreciate the way the Parent Orientation conducted. The orientation was very informative. All the doubts were clarified. We are privileged to be part of JHPS!!!
Jenny Arya
Reviewed on 2022/09/21
JHPS released the "Handy Constitution Book", which is an concise guide to the World's Longest Constitution, as written by the JHPS Social Science Department. It is a small 54-page pocket book which contains interesting facts, a list of the National Symbols, important Constitutional amendments and short summary of various important laws. This book is an admirable attempt by the school to inculcate constitutional knowledge in students. It is neat and well designed
Aasritha Valluru
Reviewed on 2022/09/21
I am Aasritha Valluru, a student of Jubilee Hills Public School. A while ago, our school conducted a Health Awareness Seminar which educated us about how to perform CPR and how to respond accurately to emergencies. Doctors from Apollo Hospitals took time out of their busy schedules to educate us about dog bites, snake bites and Fits. They also taught us how to perform CPR through a hands on mannequin session. It was a very informative seminar and I am now aware of many things that I did not know about before. The doctors also motivated me to take up medical science as a career. I would like to thank the school management whole heartedly for organizing this informative seminar. I am indeed very grateful that I am one of the few students who were selected to attend this seminar. I'm sure the information I have acknowledged from the seminar will definitely be useful one day. Thank you.
M. Aasritha Iyer
Reviewed on 2022/09/21
I'm Aasritha Iyer of 8D, JHPS. The main thing I loved about the seminar was the way that the doctors presented it and how interactive they were. We learnt about many things in the seminar. The doctors explained about CPR, How to survive dog bites, snake bites, Fits and many more. They helped us in performing the CPR practically on a mannequin which made us get a better idea and a clear understanding about CPR. I'd like to thank all the doctors who presented, for giving us their time to share their knowledge. Thank you.
Rishika Throvagunta
Reviewed on 2022/09/21
“Constitution is not a mere lawyers document, it is a vehicle of life, and its spirit is always the spirit of age.” The ‘Constitution of India’ by Jubilee Hills Public School provides a short and sweet rundown of the supreme law of the land, the Indian constitution. Many people are ignorant of the constitution of India as it is voluminous and is difficult to understand as it demands proficiency in language. However, knowledge of certain basic principles and values is essential, and this book is appropriate for the purpose. It is a 50-page book that encapsulates the various features, interesting facts about the origin and key aspects of the Indian constitution. It also has a ready reckoner of the national symbols of India, including some that are not very well known. Who would have known the national microbe is lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus! Not only does it highlight the legal provisions, but it also chronicles the making of the magnum opus. It also includes pictures that grab attention and aid visual learning. This book is a recommended read for academic purposes or for anyone who is keen to understand the basic foundations of the Indian constitution. Reading this book is like experiencing India’s constitutional journey in real time. Kudos to the JHPS Social team & department for the excellent job, yet again.
Aayush Shah
Reviewed on 2022/09/22
The book 'The Constitution of India' published by Jubilee Hills Public School is an abridged version of the Constitution of India. The original Constitution is bulky and voluminous, and demands great knowledge about the subject. This edition published with the help of teachers at JHPS has made it a lot more easier to understand the ideals of our Constitution. These 54 pages summarise the constitution so well, and in as simple language as possible, that anyone can refer to it with ease.
Babita Bekkem
Reviewed on 2022/09/23
The book 'Constitution of India' published by JHPS , gives a brief summary of the Constitution in a simple way that everybody can understand. It was launched by Former Chief Secretary, Government of Telangana , Shri Shailendra Kumar Joshi IAS. The book talks about the 21 articles of the Constitution , its features and some interesting facts. The Constitution is the backbone of the country hence it is of utmost importance to know about it. In my opinion the book is very informative and it is a must read for readers who enjoy learning about the country.
suchitra k
Reviewed on 2022/10/29
Hell for the Teachers ! School is literally torturing the teaching staff. Every month one teacher is getting hospitalized because of the stress and pressure due to mismanagement. Every 2 weeks 1-2 teachers are resigning because they are not able to bare the stress. Class teacher is almost like the maid of the class, and workload for class teacher job is not counted, extremely pathetic condition of class teachers working here, heights of pressure, lot of repeated duplicated work with traditional age old processes and practices Class Teachers have to take Xerox copies, print outs, standing in long queues, wasting precious time of teachers no office assistants. Teachers are made to stay back after school hours every day to take Xerox and prints. Incapable middle management is running the school. It is a circus inside the school. In spite of high attrition, JUBILEE HILLS EDUCATION SOCIETY and SCHOOL MANAGING COMMITTEE is not bothered to take any action to control the situation.
Udaya Kumari
Reviewed on 2022/11/03
There is no such teacher as Suchitra in our school. This is totally false allegations. It is only to damage the reputation of the school. I am working since 1995 and the school treats their teachers as a family.
Anupama B
Reviewed on 2022/11/17
Worst Work Environment for Teachers: Even school bus drivers do not respect Teaching staff. Teachers are made to stand in the bus. No respect for teachers working here. Timings are bad, morning 7.30 AM bus reaches the school and teachers are made to stay back in school till 4 PM every alternate day. Sometimes, for the whole month teachers are instructed to stayback till 4 PM to do all extra works especially the Class teacher duties and NO extra pay for staying back extra. No office assistants for taking xerox and print outs. No assistant teachers to help. Teachers are supposed to clean when a pre primary kid vomits. No helpers / maids/ assistants while teaching the Pre-Primary. Teachers are always running on their toes from morning to evening, they are kept so busy with unneccesary tasks. Management is so cruel that during lunch break also while teachers are having their lunch, they are forced to do some work immediately without allowing them to finish their lunch. Primary department is worst. HODs give all the work to new teachers and exploit them to the core, Hence more attrition. New aspiring Teachers please STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCHOOL, Don't get carried away with the brand. They go to any extent to keep the name of the school high by exploiting teachers.
Valli V
Reviewed on 2022/12/04
School work culture is worst, Heads exploit the teaching staff to the core. Primary department is even worse. I am feeling quite happy now after leaving this school, atleast now i am living a peaceful life with no stress. What a stressful work environment they create! Very poor management, they trouble new teachers a lot! They pay peanuts to teachers and extract 100 times more work. Old teachers exploits the new teachers, and make sure they leave the school. No respect to teaching staff at all, treat them like slaves. Class teacher job is hell, they have to do everything including Admin stuff. I used to start at 6:30 AM from home, reach home by 6 PM, still no statisfaction for management. No personal life and family life, only work , work and work still no respect. I suggest better stay away from this school.
Om Sao
Reviewed on 2022/12/05
Very good school for child's overall development. School teachers are very qualified and maintain discipline.
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